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Expert Consultation Panel Recordings

Recordings of our case-based Expert Consultation Panel meetings are available to member clinicians. If you are an MD/DO with a challenging patient case you’d like to submit for consultation, please visit our

Do you have a question about PANS/PANDAS or an inflammatory brain condition for one of our experts?

Clinician members may submit a question to be answered by a member of our Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board and added to our Frequently Asked Questions. If chosen for inclusion in our FAQs, your question will be listed anonymously. If you would like to submit a case for consideration by our Expert Consultation Panel, please submit it here.

Pediatric Grand Rounds Videos

Dr. Jennifer Frankovich presents at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, pediatric grand rounds on June 29, 2019.
Dr. Susan Swedo of the National Institute of Mental Health and Dr. Jennifer Frankovich, pediatric rheumatologist at the Stanford PANS Clinic present at Grand Rounds, Arizona Children’s Hospital in 2016.
Dr. Swedo of the NIMH, University of Wisconsin Pediatric Grand Rounds March 2018

Additional Resources

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