Physician Community Meetings

Neuroimmune Foundation is launching a new monthly Zoom meeting to support and empower physicians who are treating PANS/PANDAS currently or who would like to begin treating PANS/PANDAS. This group is focused on primary care physicians and psychiatrists, though all MDs/DOs are welcome to join. In order to be approved to join, please fill out the form below, and a link will be sent to you so that you may join the meetings. 

The next Physician Support Meeting will be on Monday, April 10th from 3:30-4:30PM CT. The deadline to register for the April meeting is April 3rd.


Moderators are experienced physicians who have collectively treated hundreds of PANS/PANDAS patients. Moderators hope to empower other physicians, sharing tools that have helped them add PANS to the array of illnesses they treat, and make management of PANS patients achievable even for the busy primary care clinician. Specific focus will be on challenges encountered by primary care physicians and psychiatrists managing patients with PANS/PANDAS. This group is best suited for individuals wishing to treat PANS according to mainstream approaches. Because this group is specifically designed to support physicians in the state of North Carolina, NC physicians will have priority registration to these meetings, however, remaining spaces will be available for physicians worldwide.

Please note you must keep your name up and your camera on unless discussed and approved prior to the meeting. Please note that these meetings are recorded and kept internally at Neuroimmune Foundation but will not be shared or distributed following the event.

Doctor Andrew Baumel.

Dr. Andy Baumel

Doctor Tara Richardson.

Dr. Tara Richardson

Doctor Meiqian Ma.

Dr. Mei Ma


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Once approved, you will receive your links to join the meeting via email.