Inflamma­tory Brain Disorders
Conference 2024

Hosted by Neuroimmune Institute in partnership with Neuroimmune Foundation and accredited in collaboration with The Wisconsin Medical Society

June 22 – 23, 2024

A virtual CME event
8:00 am – 4:30 pm PT each day

Details and registration at Neuroimmune Institute

Join us for a two day live conference in Palo Alto, California.

The 2024 Inflammatory Brain Disorders Conference has been planned by the same individuals as the 2021, 2022, and 2023 Inflammatory Brain Disorders Conferences and is being hosted by our sister organization, Neuroimmune Institute, in partnership with Neuroimmune Foundation and with our Stanford and UCSF collaborators. Neuroimmune Institute was founded with the goal of rapidly advancing clinical medicine and research focused on immunopsychiatric, neuroimmune, and inflammatory brain conditions as well as autism.

While Neuroimmune Foundation and Neuroimmune Institute have a similar mission and collaboration, donations to Neuroimmune Foundation will not be used for Neuroimmune Institute activities nor vice versa.

Neuroimmune Institute offers continuing medical education on a broad array of topics beyond the scope of Neuroimmune Foundation’s mission.

Comments from Prior Inflammatory Brain Disorders Conferences

The Inflammatory Brain Disorders Conference 2023 was (again) the most educational and effective conference I have ever attended in my 43 years as a physician! International experts presented 16 lectures over the course of two days, delivering major gems every hour to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of tough psychiatric and neurologic neuroinflammatory conditions. A cumulative tsunami paradigm shift for psychiatry is in the works; inflammatory brain disorders will be the rule, rather than the exception. My accolades to all the panel of experts who shared their latest research and efforts. Thank you!

Martin T. Jensen, MD
Adult, Adolescent, & Child Psychiatry, Laguna Niguel, CA

Wonderful conference! First time I attended this conference. Neuroinflammatory diseases are not a large part of my practice as a pediatric rheumatologist – at least I thought so before the conference. Given the expanding scope of diseases related to neuroinflammation, my preconceived notions have been challenged – in a good way! Each presentation was given by an obvious thought leader and the results presented were all cutting edge. Cannot wait until next year.

Daniel Lovell, MD, MPH
Pediatric Rheumatologist, Cincinnati, OH

Rigorous, wide-ranging, two-day conference by international faculty providing cutting edge genetic and clinical insights furthering the rapidly increasing knowledge about auto-immune mediated syndromes. Crisp presentations, excellent slides, and clinical movie clips combined with meticulous attention to the duration of the presentations. Information was presented on the autoimmune manifestations of Long Covid-19, PANS, PANDAS, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), psychoses, seizure disorders and tick-borne illnesses alongside presentations on the Gut Microbiome and porosity of the blood brain barrier. Commercial-free. Well worth the tuition. My first Inflammatory Brain Disorders Conference. Planning on next year.

John Esterhai, MD
Orthopedic Surgeon, Spring House, PA

When I go to a conference, I feel that I have gotten my money’s worth if at least 10% of what I learn is new. In this course, the new information was at least 60% and what I did know was expanded significantly. This has increased my understanding and sensitivity to the possibility of an immune disorder in patients I have seen over the years. There are several patients in my current practice who will be re-evaluated for the possibility of something I did not know to look for before.

Lee Solomon, MD
Psychiatry, Chattanooga, TN

This was a conference with fantastic collaborators and speakers. As a physician I felt that it was clinically oriented and cutting edge. It was incredibly useful to gain knowledge in a field like neuroimmunology where so little is known.

Anuja Vyas, MD, FACOG

This is the most comprehensive, well-organized, and current information on all topics I have encountered in such a long time. I plan to attend every conference moving forward. Thank you for such well-presented information. Armed with several screenshots of slides, I have already contacted several patients to complete a more thorough history for a more complete treatment plan. So grateful.

Maria Del Sol, MD
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Florida

As a clinical psychiatrist, it is crucial that I understand the potential origins of psychiatric symptoms. This conference gave insight into infectious and immune mechanisms for Neuropsychiatric symptoms that I found truly valuable. The speakers were of top quality.

Matthew Bernstein, MD
Psychiatrist, Massachusetts

I was astounded by the amount of scientifically based data presented on encephalopathy, COVID and PANS/PANDAS at this conference. I thought all of the presenters at this conference did an excellent job explaining the pathophysiology involved in the various conditions that were highlighted in this conference.

Urszula Kotlow, MD
Pediatric Psychiatrist, CPAE Clinic, Banner Desert Medical Center, Arizona

I feel more confident as THE consultant on many of these cases due to expanded knowledge I have acquired via this resource. Excellent presentations with fantastic evidence-based information. I hope to be involved in more conferences. Thanks to all!

Sandra Lawrence, MD, FACR
Pediatric Rheumatology, Florida

The neuroimmune conference transformed my thinking about the relationship between infection, neurobiology and psychiatric disorders. I learned so much.

Melissa Aguirre, MD
Pediatrician, California

This conference had the highest scientific quality and rigor, and all the presenters and discussants were outstanding. The contribution of the foundation for children with neuroimmune disorders to society is incommensurable.

Rosa Aurora Chavez, MD, PhD, FABP
Washington, DC