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A young girl holding a pointer and standing in front of a chalkboard with the following words: PANS in the Classroom: Helping to Educate the Educator "Peer relationships may be a real struggle for me especially if my flares involve behavioral problems, social anxiety, or lashing out at others. You can help by facilitating an environment where kindness and inclusion are taught and valued. Please talk to my parents or to me if I am old enough to see if we are open to helping educate the class on PANS." Neuroimmune Foundation logo of a tree with pink fruit.
While outside on a sunny day, a young girl holds a chalk board with the following words: PANS in the Classroom Helping to Educate the Educator "Your understanding of PANS and your attitude about it has the power to make or break my year. Because PANS is invisible, it is easy to forget that it is a very serious brain based illness. Please remember on the most challenging days how much I hate these symptoms and how much I wish I didn't have to struggle this way too." Neuroimmune Foundation logo of a tree with magenta fruit.
A young boy writing on a chalkboard the following text: PANS in the Classroom Helping to Educate the Educator Research from top experts at Stanford has found that caregiver burden in families of children with PANS is excessively high and equivalent to diseases deemed to be devastating. Several parents of children who have had both cancer as well as PANS have stated PANS was far more difficult for their families and a PANS parent who lived through civil war shared that PANS was more difficult for her. You can help alleviate some of this burden by being a true partner to help the child be successful in school. This starts with valuing the parent's input on what the child really needs and what strategies are a good fit. Logo of tree with pink fruit.
A blue header on a white background reading "OCD: It's not just hand washing." Below, are magenta bullets with the following white text on a blue background: Intrusive thoughts, complusion to complete same action repeatedly, rigidity or obsession with sameness, need to confess, ask, or tell, fear of harming self or others, repetitive speech, questions, counting, fear of wrongdoing, compulsively lining things up, hoarding, religious obessions, rituals around food. Magenta text at the bottom reads "Could it be PANS?" (logo with tree)