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IVIG failed. Now what?

IVIG is more likely to fail when children have infections at the time of infusion. Early strep exposure is also tied to IVIG failure. Every bottle of immune globulin contains a different composition of antibodies based on the unique antibody production of the donors. Because of this, a 10-15% failure

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Where will we be doing the infusion?

Some physicians like to do IVIG in their own clinics where they can monitor patients. This can be comforting for parents though it is often more expensive than IVIG done at an infusion clinic or within the home. Additionally, many side effects are delayed and do not take place during

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Which immunoglobulin product will you be using?

Not all immunoglobulin products are created equally. Some have greater risks of side effects than others. In particular, sucrose suspended IVIG comes with the risk of kidney damage. Children with low IgA are at increased risk of anaphylaxis from IVIG. Therefore, use of an IgA depleted immunoglobulin product is recommended to lower risk. This

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What dose will be used?

Typically, 2 grams/kilogram is considered “high dose” IVIG and is used to treat PANS and PANDAS. Some physicians order 1.5 grams/kilogram which is also considered high dose. Dosing can become tricky for the 5-10% of children with PANS who also have an immunodeficiency and require ongoing treatment with IVIG. If

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What should I do if my child gets a severe migraine after the infusion or is showing signs of aseptic meningitis?

Aseptic meningitis is one risk of IVIG. Typically it is self-limiting and often resolves with steroids, allowing a patient to avoid lumbar puncture and receive future IVIG treatments. Discussing a plan of action with your doctor before IVIG can prevent panic as well as unnecessary and invasive investigation in the emergency

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