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Our chapters serve as a local touchpoint for families grappling with neuroimmune disorders including all types of encephalitis, PANS, and PANDAS. We are always accepting applications for new chapter leaders worldwide!

  • Please first read over our 10 Principles and then submit your application below.
  • Please be as honest as possible in your application.
  • Please note chapters are currently on hold due to COVID-19 but we are still accepting applications.

Our chapters adhere to the following 10 principles:

  1. We provide peer-to-peer support but never provide medical advice. We do not share confidential stories with others.
  2. We share from our personal experiences with acknowledgement that what has worked for our child may not work for others.
  3. We acknowledge that PANS, PANDAS, and neuroimmune disorders have a very wide spectrum of severity. Response or lack thereof to treatment is not a reflection of caregiver and physician expertise in most cases, but rather a need for better research leading to successful treatment options for all children. Treatment failure does not mean a child does not have PANS, PANDAS, or a neuroimmune disorder.
  4. There is no scientific research proving that children with sub-acute onsets of symptoms have a disorder that is unlike children with abrupt onsets. Families of children without abrupt onsets are welcome in our groups and will not be made to feel less than.
  5. PANS has no age restrictions. Parents of adults are welcome in our groups.
  6. Children with autism can have PANS or another neuroimmune disorder just like any neurotypical child. Families of children with autism and a neuroimmune disorder are welcome in our groups.
  7. We do not tolerate discrimination or personal attacks.
  8. We whole-heartedly welcome new families and caregivers into the fold.
  9. We accept that the research on PANS, PANDAS, and neuroimmune disorders is in its infancy and more questions exist than answers.
  10. Above all, chapters exist so that families and caretakers have a safe space to share their experiences and embrace each other in an encouraging, warm, and non-judgmental atmosphere.

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