A great video for children that explains what to expect with IVIG.

​This is also a wonderful tool for helping kids feel less alone on their journey with PANS or PANDAS.

Video Transcript

00:00 [Music] TEXT OVERLAY: Let’s talk about PANDAS
TEXT OVERLAY: What happened when they put the IVIG tube in?
00:10 they cleaned my hand where they were gonna
00:13 put it in like right here and they
00:15 numbed it and then they put the tube in
00:19 like between my veins and then they
00:24 taped it and then a lady wrapped it with
00:27 something to keep it safe
TEXT OVERLAY: What should I bring with me?
00:35 so what you should bring to IVIG you
00:39 should bring your blanket your stuffed
00:43 animal that you really like like how I
00:45 brought my fox and you should bring your
00:50 toys and your coloring books
TEXT OVERLAY: What did you do during the treatment?
01:01 I played games, card games, video games
01:05 do my school work
TEXT OVERLAY: How do you feel after IVIG? (5 months after)
01:11 I feel better because know now the clothes that
01:14 you know I didn’t like t-shirts so now I
01:17 can actually wear them and I didn’t
01:19 like socks now I can wear them I feel like
01:21 that I haven’t been yelling screaming
01:23 hitting as much and crying as much
TEXT OVERLAY: Did anything hurt during the IVIG procedure?
01:32 when they take the poke out it actually
01:35 doesn’t hurt it feels actually kind of
01:36 smooth in your skin but the tape that
01:40 just hurts just the tape and also um
01:43 there’s like a little time at the end of
01:47 the IVIG they do a cleaning in that it’s
01:51 salt water and it does go through your
01:53 tube and it kind of cleans it out but it
01:56 kind of stings
01:58 what did we learn now when
02:00 they do this – that they go really slow
02:02 and then what happens – it doesn’t hurt
02:05 you just feel water
TEXT OVERLAY: What is the most important thing I should know about IVIG?
02:10 so then I want you guys
02:13 to know that it’s not scary
02:16 it’s okay and now I feel better so hold
02:20 your mom’s hand if you want to if you
02:22 need to and also – that’s really it
TEXT OVERLAY: You got this!
02:32 [Music]