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Neuroimmune Foundation provides peer-to-peer support (no medical advice) for patients and families facing PANS, PANDAS, encephalitis, and related neuroimmune and inflammatory brain disorders.

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Guidestar, the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations has granted Neuroimmune Foundation their Platinum Seal of Approval the past six years in a row (2019–2024), an honor held by only 0.5% of nonprofits.
Neuroimmune Foundation is the only PANS-focused nonprofit to receive Charity Navigator’s highest rating, 4/4 stars with a 99% rating.

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Cover of the book My Story About PANS/PANDAS, with a drawing of a child and their dog.
My Story About PANS/PANDAS is a heartfelt story written for kids who have PANS/PANDAS and their family, friends and educators. Wonderful addition to any classroom! Once a typical boy, Owen’s journey with PANS/PANDAS began after he was exposed to an infection that changed everything. Abruptly faced with severe anxiety, OCD, tics, and rage, Owen finds himself navigating a world full of doctors, medical tests, IVIG, and even weird smoothies. Likening his journey to a climb up a challenging hill, Owen helps the reader understand that sometimes the path is straight and easy, but sometimes you must zig-zag or find another way to the top.